Watergate Amendment

While visiting a mental institution in upstate New York, a Catholic priest encounters a strange patient by the name of Jude Thaddeus. For some unknown reason Jude has been incarcerated and heavily sedated for many years. This political thriller reveals the greatest conspiracy in American history.


John Fitzgerald was born in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, a paratrooper in Vietnam, graduate of Lackawanna College and University of Ft. Lauderdale. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving Breakfast celebrates the lasting bonds we all create and how friendships can buoy and strengthen you through the most complex days. It’s a must for anyone who relishes a story for the ages.

Watergate Amendment – Why did you write this book?

Why did you write this book? That is the second most asked question, when I am asked about the Watergate Amendment’. My answer is simple… I couldn’t understand why Nixon didn’t burn the tapes. That interest sparked a drive in me to find some common sense reason for the entire Watergate mess.

The more I searched the more I noticed a New York, Rockefeller connection, and that fired up my imagination seeking answers to many questions. And the more I searched the more fascinating the facts were. The keystone part of this story is the implementation of ‘25th Amendment’ to the U.S. Constitution.

So I decided to write a book that was based on true events, educational and a fun read. I wanted a story like a lawyer presenting his argument to a jury. As readers, it’s up to you to
consider the plot presented, to open your mind, check the facts and possibilities and then decide about this astounding conspiracy or you can say this is a lot of wishful thinking.
But most readers seem amazed.

Oh yes… the most frequently asked question: “Is this really true?”
I answer, ‘oh yes, a lot more than even I thought possible.’


When I bought this book, I thought it was just another Watergate story. But it turned out to be a fun read with insight into the greatest conspiracy in American history. I still don’t know if it’s true or not.

I bought this book, looking for information on the Watergate. This historical novel shines the light on a much bigger conspiracy than the actual Watergate incident. It is a fun read, the author has a great imagine, and I learned a lot of history. And I wounder if this really is what happened. If true it is the biggest and most successful conspiracy in American History.

This book is much more than just a conspiracy theme. It’s an interesting story with factual events as the background. The key players are notable historical people engaged in vital roles to carry off this fantastic story. It’s a book that connects the dots about how Nixon was chosen to be president and disposed through a powerful cabal. This historical novel is an intriguing strategy that changed history and the constitution. It more than how Nixon was duped and Rockefeller achieved his life long dream. Could this story be true? The answer is yes. Is it true I don’t know. But it was a fun book to read.

A riveting story about hometown, and enduring friendships. This could be anybody’s hometown, populated with characters like those all we baby boomers grew up with. I couldn’t put it down. I only hope there is a Part 2; I didn’t want the story to end. I think everyone can identify with these characters as they experience the joys and sorrows of life.

Enjoyed this hometown book. The entanglement of the high school friends and the changes in their lives was very intriguing. What will life bring?

A walk through time with old friends as they grow through the years… Each member from this tightly nit group of high school friends will find their own path in life, but each remembers and cherish’s their past… They come back home and gather together each holiday season and their main event is the Thursday morning Thanksgiving Breakfast. They share their life stories and experiences… something that we can all relate too… This book is a fun read for all…