Nixon Election

diane-sawyerPrior to joining CBS News, Sawyer held several positions in the Nixon administration. She worked as Richard Nixon’s personal assistant. When Nixon resigned in the wake of Watergate, Sawyer relocated with him to California, remaining on his staff for four additional years, primarily to assist in the research for his memoirs.

Nixon dancing with his assistant, Diane Sawyer.

In 1960 Nixon loses the presidential election to John Kennedy by a mere 100,000 votes, out of more than 68,000,000 cast throughout the nation. It was the closest popular vote America had ever seen.

On His Own Terms: A Life of Nelson Rockefeller by Richard Norton Smith… 2014…Rockefeller did not support Nixon, which cost New York loss meant Kennedy won.

It should be noted, in the end, that despite the many claims of suspicious events regarding this monumentally close election, which could have been turned around with the changing of just one or two states, the Daley machine of Chicago gave Kennedy 9,000 votes to put Kennedy over the top. Richard Nixon (despite advice from his counselors) absolutely refused to call for any recounts or investigations, under the pretense that such an action might cause a constitutional crisis.

Then two years later in 1962 he lost the Governor of California race. He was a washed up reject.

Richard Nixon quote: “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore, because gentlemen, this is my last press conference. “(November 7, 1962)

After his defeat Nixon moved into an elegant apartment in New York, the same building as Nelson Rockefeller. Nixon was made a partner in a law firm which did a lot of trust and bond business with the friendly folks at Chase Manhattan Bank. (David Rockefeller CEO) He had a new life style swearing bitterly never to return to politics.

Nixon_Kissinger-173x262Biographer David Hanna quotes Kissinger as stating, after Nixon’s nomination in 1968: “That man is unfit to be President. I would never work for that man. He is a disaster.”Yet Kissinger was the first appointment made by Nixon.
Rockefeller testified he gave Kissinger $50,000 bonus to take the job with Nixon.