Rockefeller, Ford & Kissinger

Henry Kissinger loved Nelson Rockefeller,Time Magazine Feb. 12, 1979, at Rockefeller’s funeral Kissinger gave the eulogy saying, “My friend, my older brother, my inspiration and my guide.” to the man who “permeated our lives.”

In 1956, Nelson Rockefeller created and funded the Special Studies Project, a major seven-panel planning group directed by Henry Kissinger. Kissinger described Rockefeller as his closest intellectual associate. From an early period Rockefeller employed Kissinger as a personally funded part-time consultant, principally on foreign policy issues. In 1969, when Kissinger entered Richard Nixon’s administration, Rockefeller paid him $50,000 bonus take to job with the distasted Richard Nixon.

Biographer David Hanna quotes Kissinger as stating, after Nixon’s nomination in 1968:

“That man is unfit to be President. I would never work for that man. He is a disaster.”

“Yet Kissinger was the first appointment made by Nixon.”

Nixon leaving whitehouseAugust 8, 1974: Boxes of Presidential Documents Prepared for Clandestine Shipment to Nixon’s California Residence While President Nixon is bidding his White House staffers farewell (see August 8, 1974), White House military office chief William Gulley collects a dozen boxes with personal papers from the residency wing of the White House. Nixon wants the papers delivered to his private home in California, where they cannot be viewed by others. In consultation with Nixon’s military aide, Jack Brennan, Gulley determines to get the papers to California before incoming President Ford can consolidate control of the White House and stop any shipments of presidential documents out of Washington and public view. Gulley will be successful. [Werth, 2006, pp. 44-45] At about this same time, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has 30 crates of his own files, including phone transcripts, secretly shipped to the bomb shelter of Nelson Rockefeller’s estate in New York, consigning those files to public oblivion.