25th Amendment

The Architect

The real architect behind the scenes of the 25th Amendment was Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, his New York elected politicians, Senator Keating who introduced the amendment in the Senate, and Congressman Emanuel Caller of New York… that introduced the amendment in the house or Representatives.

In ‘A Heartbeat Away’ (115) Congressman Emanuel Caller of New York, City… ‘so far there appears to be a growing consensus of opinion that the proper application must be by the way of the root of a constitutional amendment.’

According to 1st Term Jr. Senator for Indiana Birch Bayh “So the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee believed a constitutional amendment was necessary to solve our problem! This was welcome news.”(115)  Although Birch Bayh then a first-term senator from Indiana, chaired the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee and authored the 25th Amendment. In his 1968 book on the writing of the 25th Amendment,Birch Bayh gives special thanks to Governor
Nelson Rockefeller for, “he was eminently qualified since he and his staff have given long and deep study on the problems of disability and succession.

rockfellernewsWhen minimum wage was $1.60 per hour and gasoline was $ .39 a gallon Rocky tried to deduct over $550,000. For expenses he incurred to be confirmed as Vice President.

BayhI asked that a comprehensive proposal by New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller be included in the record……I had some regrets that it had to be
presented in writing, not in person. The Governor would have been a glamorous witness, bringing to our hearings much of the press attention that I felt we
needed…Earlier, Ken Keating as a senator from New York, had approached me to suggest that his governor testify in person, as he was eminently
qualified to do since he and his staff had given long and deep study to the problems of disability and succession. (73)

We also inserted other letters and proposals into the record, like that of Governor Rockefeller, all had obviously been the product of great study on the parts of the senators and scholars who contributed them. (P81)

The three most powerful men in the world!
President Ford, Vice President Rockefeller & Secretary of State Kissinger.


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September 1, 2013
Forty years after interviewing former President Nixon, In death, Sir David Frost he is noted as: David Frost is noted as:

The Nixon interviews were among the great broadcast moments, but there were many other brilliant interviews. He interviewed every US president from Nixon to George W Bush.

He was an extraordinary man – with charm, wit, talent, intelligence and warmth in equal measure. He made a huge impact on television and politics

meganMegan served more than Megan served more than Champagne! for Rocky

Who is Megan Marshack?

Where was Megan Marshack when Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller Died?
In recounting old news stories similar to the Monica Lewinsky case, the press has often invoked the name of 27-year-old Megan Marshack, whom, they say, was at the side of former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller when he died on January 26, 1979.

However, those familiar with the case knows the truth. Megan Marshack was not “at his side” when Nelson Rockefeller died of a heart attack. The official coroner’s report, issued by the competent New York State authority, states that Nelson Rockefeller died of a heart attack while he was having sexual intercourse. You can look it up in the archives at 28th Street and First Avenue (provided they let you look at this one). Megan Marshack was, in fact, underneath Nelson Rockefeller when he died. The tragedy, which was recounted daily in the press at the time, was that had there not been political
considerations, his life might have been saved.

Nelson Rockefeller was a big, heavy man. When he collapsed of a heart attack, Megan Marshack was pinned underneath him. She had to struggle to get out. He was naked. It was not known that he had a mistress. For these reasons, she was reluctant to call the ambulance. Instead, Megan Marshack called her girlfriend, who lived nearby.

The girlfriend walked over, arrived, saw the naked former Vice-President sprawled on the floor, and then she and Megan Marshack had a discussion about what to do about this. Finally, fully one hour after Nelson Rockefeller had collapsed, the girlfriend called the ambulance. Megan Marshack did not make the call. When the ambulance arrived, Nelson Rockefeller was still barely alive. However, he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.