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    Watergate Amendment

Book Review

Betsie Young of "Book Club Circle"

This entertaining tale begins with Father Malrooney who on a third visit to a Hospital for the
Criminally insane is given a tissue box that contains a neatly folded manuscript... Jude's story.
Jude Thaddeus was more than just an orphan. He was a man with high aspirations, intelligent,
and extremely cunning within the business world. His path an extraordinary one, and one that
would lead him to great men such as: Henry Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller, George Wallace
and Richard Nixon then to tango with wealthy organizations such as OPEC and scandals like
His cool, calm demeanor a plus in his strategic plan to obtain 10 million dollars! With careful
manipulation - the game is on. Jude's sights are on the Presidency, although after years of
preparation, something goes wrong.
The characters are vividly depicted, to the point that you become emotionally involved with
them. Jude is certainly a fantastic and fascinating character.

I guarantee readers that from the moment you pick the Amendment, you will want to read more
from this promising author. John Fitzgerald's writing style is smooth and well paced, pulling
you into this saga that will leaving you wondering if it actually occurred. Excellent work Mr.
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John Fitzgerald
This is an interesting book precisely because it blends
mystery, suspense, government, sex, history, into a potent
and captivating brew. But I hear many people asking
questions that we don't often ask about works of fiction.
Folks are asking:  

        "Is this really true?"
The greatest conspiracy in American history...
Fact or Fiction?  
From the Author:

Why did you write this book? That is the second most asked question, when I am asked about
the  Watergate Amendment’. My answer is simple… I couldn’t understand why Nixon didn’t burn
the tapes. That interest sparked a drive in me to find some common sense reason for the entire
Watergate mess.

The more I searched the more I noticed a New York, Rockefeller connection,
and that fired up my imagination seeking answers to many questions. And the more I searched
the more fascinating the facts were. The keystone part of this story is the implementation of
‘25th Amendment’ to the U.S. Constitution.

So I decided to write a book that was based on true events, educational and a fun read. I
wanted a story like a lawyer presenting his argument to a jury. As readers, it’s up to you to
consider the plot presented, to open your mind, check the facts and possibilities and
then decide about this astounding conspiracy or you can say this is a lot of wishful thinking.
But most readers seem amazed.

Oh yes… the most frequently asked question… “Is this really true”

I answer, 'oh yes, a lot more than even I thought possible.'
Watergate Amendment
                    By John J. Fitzgerald
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